PPSSPP Gold 0.7.6 on Google Play

Download PPSSPP Gold for your Android device from Google Play.


Pay what you want for the Windows version of PPSSPP Gold!

$10 - Gamer

A real contribution.

$20 - Powergamer

A love of gaming.

$50 - Grandmaster

You simply rock!

$2 - Hangaround

A symbolic show of support.

$4 - Supporter

This will help.

$7 - Fan

A strong statement.


Note! Prices are in US dollars (USD). The email address you use while paying will receive the download link, when the purchase completes. If you have not received an email within an hour, please contact hrydgard@gmail.com and I'll have a look.

EU citizens only As my company is set up in Sweden I have to add 25% VAT to the price for all EU customers. If this makes it too expensive, just drop down a level.

Also please note that all price options get you the same thing: the permanent right to download PPSSPP Gold for Windows, a gold account on this site, and Gold downloads for more platforms in the future.